January 21, 2020, 0 Comments

MCTC Files 6th Hemp Extract Delivery Patent

Mr. Arman Tabatabaei, CEO of the Company commented, “We have developed a truly unique hemp extract coffee product that will be offered to consumers later this month. The new product is based on our recently completed R&D efforts that resulted in our dual infusion clean label process that uses only natural ingredients and zero chemical additives. Our first introduction will be for single serving coffee pods in a 100% compostable format, including the pod, lid and all packaging. We are excited to present the Hemp You Can Feel™ Coffee Story.”

“With our system, any manufacturer of coffee pods can now produce CBD or other coffee pods with simple modification to their processes.”

“The patent filing broadly outlines a variety of methods and technologies to be used for adding cannabinoids to single-serving coffee pods. Our testing has shown our methods are highly effective while still being extremely easy for manufacturers to implement. With our system, any manufacturer of coffee pods can now produce CBD or other coffee pods with simple modification to their processes. The patent filing represents growth of our intellectual property by expanding our core infusion technologies to now include broader systems for cannabinoid delivery,” commented Arman Tabatabaei, CEO of MCTC Holdings.

The invention includes the use of the Company’s Patent Pending Hemp You Can Feel™ technology and the use of a wide variety of broadly defined other cannabinoid delivery technologies, including the use of both various nanoparticle and non-nanoparticle technologies.  The Company has been using the system to produce its recently announced Hemp You Can Feel™ Coffee products, which are expected to be available to the marketplace later this month.

Mr. Tabatabaei continued, “It is truly scary what many CBD manufacturers are using to infuse CBD into products. Most technologies utilize extensive processing of the extracts and chemicals, such as surfactants and emulsifiers in the production processes. Other manufacturers are simply adding little to no active ingredients. Our new process is a truly clean label and uses mainly organic and 100% non-GMO ingredients. In addition, the products we plan to deliver to coffee manufacturers will include full certificates of analysis from independent laboratories proving potency and purity. This will allow the manufacturer a full turnkey solution to all of its infusion needs, allowing them to concentrate on the coffee products, while we handle the aspects of cannabinoid infusion.”

This new patent filing represents the Company’s sixth patent filing on hemp extract technologies and delivery systems. MCTC is currently working with patent counsel to protect various other aspects of its other new technologies. The Company has also announced a new research project named THC-V Skinny Cannabinoid Project Varin for THC-V infusions, nanoparticles, and glycosides. Also as previously announced, the Company plans to continue other areas of delivery systems research, including its programs pertaining to other cannabinoid glycosides, polymeric cannabinoid nanoparticles and nanofibers, and its hemp extract-based alcohol replacement technologies.

About MCTC Holdings, Inc.

MCTC Holdings, Inc. (d/b/a: Cannabis Global) is a Delaware registered, fully reporting and audited publicly-traded company. With the hemp and cannabis industries moving very quickly and with a growing number of market entrants, MCTC plans to concentrate its efforts on the middle portions of the hemp and cannabis value chain.  The Company plans to actively pursue R&D programs and productization for exotic cannabinoid isolation, bioenhancement of cannabinoids and polymeric solid nanoparticles and nanofibers for addition into consumer products and for dermal application. The Company was reorganized during June of 2019 and announced its intent to enter the fast-growing cannabis sector and its intent to change its corporate identity to Cannabis Global, Inc. The Company is headed and managed by a group of highly experienced cannabis industry pioneers and entrepreneurs.