Our New Family  “Botan”  long expected new cannabis brand.

November 30, 2022, 0 Comments

Our New Family “Botan” long expected new cannabis brand.

Cannabis Global inc is in negotiation with a new Cannabis Brand “Botan” which is a full sustainable production brand in Los Angeles and is partnered with one of the important Japanese designer who is participating in Production and Design for the brand. Botan will target to run fully sustainable on their production running and is aiming to bring out the Japanese traditions into Cannabis Market. Botan is teamed up with the medical professionals in Japan to provide the new format into the market where they will be collaborating with lots of organic resources from Japan and all over the worlds.

Botan will be launching their own labels and brands in Los Angeles and They will be creating a lot of projects with Music,Art and Science.

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We will be launching a new strains and new products together under this label.